Redhill Treehouse

The following is a concept design for a property down the Mornington Peninsula near Redhill. The treehouse is designed for the ‘Air BnB’ economy and allows visitors to comfortably stay within the heavily forested property.

The design plays on the australian bush aesthetic with salvaged scrap metals cladding the treehouse; while charred timbers line the stairs, deck, doors and steel columns supporting the structure. The treehouse itself contains a suspended loft bed which sits below a large window framing views of the surrounding trees and sky; as well as a storage area for bags and kitchenette on the level below the bed. An outdoor deck provides space for a BBQ and a dining set to enjoy the magnificent natural surroundings. The geometry of the treehouse is one that suggests movement as it leads guests up the stairs, wraps around the tree and integrates into the main body of the cabin.

There are minimal services within the cabin; no internet or television just a small gas burner, lights, stereo and fridge for fresh water and food. A composting toilet is located within walking distance embodying environmental ethos and small footprint eco-tourism.

Moloughney Designs Redhill Treehouse 1.jpg
Moloughney Designs Redhill Treehouse 2.jpg
Moloughney Designs Redhill Treehouse plan.jpg