Moloughney Designs Architecture Heathcote House V1.jpg

The Heathcote House

A concept design study for a holiday house in the wine country of Heathcote, Victoria. The design is a response to to the harsh summer conditions of Heathcote with a series of openings along the outer shell of the house. This allows for a semi-enclosed and shaded outdoor space during hot summers whilst a large opening in the middle allows for views out over the rolling hills. The eave of this opening is specifically designed to reduce summer sun penetrating into the house yet still allowing winter sun within. The structure is that of a shed, taking inspiration from the surrounding structures in the area and existing projects within Australia such as Austin Maynards ‘Cut Paw Paw House’, Black Kosloff Knotts ‘Australian Garden Shelters’ and John Wardle Architects ‘Shearers Quarters’.

The use of the generic shed structure allows for a simple to construct and cost efficient alternative to normal timber stud construction. The house has a cathedral ceiling throughout and consists of a master bedroom with walk in robe and ensuite, two bedrooms, bathroom, euro-laundry, kitchen, lounge and dining area. The outer skin consists of galvanised corrugated iron; the inner skin consists of charred timber cladding, whilst the inside is a mix of light stained plywood.