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An Investigation into an Affordable Architecture

More and more people are beginning to move to rural areas of Victoria due to housing affordability, additional government grants, promises of new high speed rails and of course the healthy, relaxing lifestyle that the countryside has to offer. Moloughey Designs has opened an investigation into an architecture which is both economical and environmental whilst maintaining a high amount of amenity for users in rural Victoria.

The design encourages small footprint living and adopts basic environmental principles such as maximising north facing windows, double glazing, natural ventilation to all rooms; highly insulated walls, roof and floor and sustainable materials built to last. The house is designed with standardised sizes, ‘off the shelf’ windows and doors and economical yet quality materials. Interior finish choices are based on the budget and requirements of each client.

In short the design is one that is simple to construct and economical yet environmental. One of the main aesthetic features is the facades second skin. This second skin of climbing plants offers additional thermal performance whilst creating a beautifully intricate pattern of flowering plants. All plants would be watered using tank water and species chosen based on local climate and environmental factors. Whilst plantation and trees can often be an afterthought when it comes to housing design, Moloughney Designs treats it with equal importance and integration within the design process.

The following images show the 'native sarsaparilla’ climber a moderately drought tolerant plant with a distinctly australian aesthetic and purple flower, in addition passionfruit has been used for its stunning flowers and edible fruits.

Whilst the base model is designed to be as economical as possible whilst retaining amenity; it is possible to accommodate extra bed rooms, walk in robe, ensuites, larger decks, bushfire ratings and off the grid requirements within the housing typology. Moloughney designs is currently investigating exactly how much this design would cost and further researching pre-fabrication methods which may be available.

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